What Is Pecan Wood?

Pecan wood is one of the famous hickory species. It offers people a wide range of benefits, such as the production of edible nuts, furniture purposes, and more. However, the color of Pecan and grain pattern may vary based on the origin of the environment. let’s get to the topic! This article will focus on … Read more

What Is Poplar Wood?

Most woodworkers love Poplar and consider it price friendly while offering everything they need to meet their woodworking expectations along with many other benefits. Let’s jump right into the subject: This post will cover everything you need to know about poplar wood, such as its characteristics, strength, growth, workability, durability, and more. Let’s keep reading! … Read more

What Is Wenge Wood?

Wenge Wood

Woodworkers and interior crafters use a lot of wood. There are different types available in the industry. Wenge comes as one of the most sought-after woods. Despite the wood facing extinction and rarity, there is a high demand for its use. Let’s dive right in: But that’s just a quick glimpse. In this article, we’ll … Read more

What Is Sapele Wood?

Tropical Africa is known for producing great woods for various applications. One of the best woods to have come from the region is Sapele. This wood mostly used for making furniture has been around for centuries. What is Sapele wood? What are its properties and uses? How is it better than other types of woods? … Read more

What Is Pine Wood?

Pine wood has become one of the woods sought-after by woodworkers. The confusion about what type of wood best fits furniture and outdoor application has led to choice issues among people who use wood. Pine comes as a stable and strong alternative among many other types out there. So, What is pinewood? What are its … Read more

Poplar vs. Pine: Which Is Stronger?

Poplar and pine woods have been with us for centuries like many tree and flowering plants around us. Their significance traverses different applications and industries. The Pinus and Populus, as they’re scientifically called, are names of several species of pine trees and tulip trees. So, What differences do they have? Here’s a quick answer to the question you’re … Read more

What Is Manufactured Wood?

Manufactured wood

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not manufactured woods are good alternatives to solid real wood. Many low-budget woodworkers prefer manufactured wood in flooring, furniture making, wood roofing, and window framing due to its cost-effectiveness. But what more quality and features do they offer than a lower price? The question is … Read more

What Is Chestnut Wood?

Chestnut Wood

Chestnut comes in different species and varieties, how do we identify the true chestnut pieces? Many crafters, carvers, and woodworkers are keen to know this considering the wide range of applications of the wood. Like many hardwoods, chestnut has its pros and cons. Here’s what I learned from years of research: In addition to looking … Read more

What Is African Blackwood?

African Blackwood

What is African Blackwood? Apart from being a type of wood for woodworking, many crafters may not identify what other value the wood brings. African blackwood has a wide array of uses that make it sought-after wood. I did some research and here are my findings: In this article, we’ll look at the following: Properties … Read more

What Is Hackberry Wood?


The hackberry tree has been around for decades. Hackberries are nutritious and produce edible fruits, but there’s more to the hackberry tree than the leaves and stems. The hackberry wood serves many purposes for woodworkers, crafters, and artists. But very few people understand the property characteristics and extent of application of this multi-purpose wood. What … Read more