How to Get Polyurethane off Hands?

The question ‘how to get polyurethane off hands’ requires detailed information from a reliable source. Polyurethane can release some toxic fumes that can cause irritation and health hazards. Therefore, once the polyurethane adheres to your hands, you should remove it immediately after completing the project. Here is what I found: But that’s just a quick … Read more

Best Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood of 2022


Beginner painters and woodworkers are challenged with staining pressure-treated woods (PTW). Truth be told, many people are familiar with painting this type of wood. Nonetheless, you won’t have any issues picking the best deck stain for pressure-treated wood when you have enough information.  Let’s take a look at my findings: This post takes you through … Read more

Can You Stain Wood in Cold Weather- Best Temperature for Staining Wood

Just as the different humidity levels greatly affect staining, temperature also, be it low, normal, or high, has a big effect on staining. Just like your body temperature determines how you feel, the atmospheric temperature determines how the outcome of a wood staining. Therefore, due to the impact of the temperature factor in staining, this … Read more