Can You Stain MDF Board: Cabinets, Furniture, or Doors?

MDF, also called medium density fiberboard is a wood by-product such as fiberboard, plywood, veneer, particleboard, etc. Medium-density fiber is always so smooth and strong because of the high pressure and temperature the dried wood dust particles are subjected to. Hence, having this strong wood by-product as your cabinets, furniture or doors is a good … Read more

How to Use Clear Coat to Seal Stained Wood Furniture?

A lot of woodworking tips have been given on wood bleaching, sanding, and also on staining painted wood, pressure-treated wood, MDF, and the like. Perhaps you have followed all these tips, directions, and recommendations and your woodworking projects exude good staining results. However, do you still need more information and directions on how to seal … Read more

Best Grey Wood Stain Colors for Furniture – Staining Wood Gray [Ultimate Guide]

Woodworking can be so much fun when it involves staining with different stain colors from classic gray, early American, dark walnut, briarsmoke, weathered gray to carbon gray, among others. Apart from this, creating different wood stain colors by mixing them also makes wood staining interesting. Grey wood stain colors have many shades of colors which … Read more

Staining Plywood Cabinets, Floors, Walls – Best Stain for Plywood [Ultimate Guide]

Staining plywood furniture and some surfaces and parts of the house doesn’t come easy; it requires a lot of items and expertise. Beginner painters and interior decorators can try their hands at staining these surfaces, but they need a lot of information to succeed. As an expert or a beginner, what should you know? How … Read more